Multiple Rooms Priceline Bidding

If my friends and I bid separately, can we stay in the same hotel?

No!  Since Priceline is based upon privately matching bidders to hotels, there is no way to ensure two separate bids will be matched to the same hotel. 

Your alternative is to place a single bid for both rooms, guaranteeing the same hotel.  This even saves you a few dollars because you will only have to pay one tax and service fee for both rooms. 

If I book more rooms do I pay a higher price?

Typically hotels will have 2-3 rooms available for discount booking.  Because the hotel will likely be able to accommodate you, there should be no additional fees.  However if you wish to book a larger number of rooms this may change. 

Each hotel has different price levels for its rooms.  For example, a hotel with 15 available rooms may charge $50 for the five of them, $55 for the next five and $60 for the five.  If you wanted to book eight of those rooms for $50, you would have no way of knowing how many rooms are available in that range.  You would need to bid a minimum of $55 to book all of your needed rooms. 

So in some cases you will pay more than if you booked individually. 

Do I bid the total amount, or per room when booking multiple rooms?

When you are using Priceline winning bids to book multiple discount hotel rooms, you must make your bid for the amount you wish to pay per room, per night.